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 Security Ink Solutions Lead 


Distinkt is a start- up created in 2022 which creates irreplicable printed solutions for anti- counterfeiting and authentication applications. Our team consists of five full- time and four part- time experts based in Barcelona, Spain.


Our mission at Distinkt is to protect and strengthen confidence in the security and authenticity of documents and products worldwide

by creating and supplying innovative, high- quality security solutions based on patented nanotechnology. We work tirelessly to provide advanced solutions that combat counterfeiting and fraud, ensuring the integrity of information and the protection of our clients' intellectual property.

Our vision is to be a world leader in creating non- replicable visual effects in the security industry, setting the standard of excellence in authentication and protection. We constantly seek innovation and collaboration with our customers to develop cutting- edge solutions that address growing security threats.

In our pursuit of our mission and vision, we base our company on strong values that guide every aspect of our work and relationships with others. These values are fundamental to our identity and are as follows:

1. Integrity: We act honestly and ethically in everything we do. We maintain high standards of integrity in our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

2. Innovation: We encourage constant creativity and innovation. We seek new and efficient solutions to meet the challenges in the field of document and product security.

3. Social and Environmental Responsibility: We are aware of our impact on society and the environment. We adopt sustainable and responsible practices in our operation and production.

4. Security: We dedicate our expertise and resources to contribute to a safer world. We work to prevent fraud and counterfeiting, promoting security in society.


Develop printed solutions based on smart dynamic inks that respond to white light, UV and/or NIR light producing different effects and fulfilling the requirements of the industry (enough intensity, printability, chemical stability, lightfastness). Printed solutions might include QR Codes, barcodes, serial numbers, logos or other unique, printed identifiers.


This position focuses on applied research, expected outcomes include new product solutions, product processes and new patents or other IP. 

The position requires the candidate to:

  • Create and oversee a portfolio of security solutions based on unique inks fit to purpose for customers

  • Produce new dynamic effects by combining different nanomaterials in inks

  • Encapsulate active materials with different methods

  • Improve and stabilize the lightfastness of solutions

  • Improve the chemical stability of active materials

  • Ensure and oversee the scalability of nanoparticles/capsules through industrial processes

  • Characterize chemical, morphological and optical properties of the materials synthesized

  • Collaborate with private companies to develop custom products

  • Lead proof of concept and pilot projects of our solutions in situ with customers

  • Design a sample kit and prepare samples to deliver to customers

  • Prepare prototypes of possible solutions to demonstrate use cases for customers

  • Carry out industrial printing tests to ensure durability, light fastness and longevity of our solutions

  • Create new ink formulations to fit the needs of our customers

Most of the work carried out is highly confidential and subject to an NDA and non- compete clauses. The candidate will be involved in IP generation and protection of new solutions. The selected candidate will carry out lab work, participate in marketing and commercial activities, reach out to end users, and talk to manufacturers and suppliers. The candidate be also asked to prepare reports, 

protocols and presentations to show the latest results and register information.


- A PhD in Materials Science or Chemical Engineering is preferred, but Nanotechnology or Chemistry, are also suitable

- Expertise in ink formulation

- Expertise in industrial printing (digital and analog)

- Experience in lab work and research, especially in the synthesis and characterization of polymeric micro/nano capsules through different

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