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New generation of dynamic luminescent and colored materials, showcasing unique responses to light stimuli, yielding multiple outputs.

Product 1


Distinkt_LUM refers to microscopic particles that undergo a fluorescent state transition when exposed to near- infrared light. The effect produced is only observable under UV light. Once the NIR source is removed, the particles revert to their original state. The time of the transition to the initial state can be personalized, ensuring the utmost level of security.

Luminescent colors: Red,Green, Blue

Luminescent transitions: Red to Yellow, Green to Cyan, Blue to Black

Type of ink: UV- curable, Water- base.

Printing method: Screen printing


Product 3


Distinkt_SEAL refers to microscopic particles that undergo a 

permanent luminescent or color change when irradiated with near 

infrared light. The material remains sealed with a mark after 

irradiating with the NIR.

QR Codes

Distinkt's ink solutions harness the power of QR codes to bridge the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. With our innovative technology, QR codes embedded within printed materials become gateways to interactive digital experiences. From product authentication to immersive storytelling, empower brands while ensuring authenticity and traceability every step of the way.

UPC / Bar Codes

Combining barcodes with Distinkt's dynamic ink technology offers a robust solution for enhancing security and authenticity in various industries. This integration allows for seamless verification of product authenticity through barcode scanning, instilling trust and confidence in consumers while also providing opportunities for creative branding initiatives.


Our solutions are highly customizable and can be used to create any pattern or logo that is meaningful to our customers. We can use this flexibility to create beautiful and unique designs to enhance customer brand experience.

Use Cases

Luxury goods

Distinkt's dynamic ink solutions offer luxury brands a powerful tool to combat counterfeiting while enhancing brand prestige and consumer confidence. By integrating these innovative ink features into their products, luxury brands can 

authenticate items, differentiate themselves in the market, and elevate the overall consumer experience.

Wine & Beverage

With counterfeiting posing a growing threat to the authenticity and reputation of premium wines, Distinkt's dynamic ink solutions offer a robust defense mechanism. By integrating unique ink features into wine labels or packaging, producers can authenticate their products. Additionally, Distinkt's technology provides a platform for enhancing consumer engagement and trust, as consumers can easily verify the authenticity of their purchases using smartphones or other devices.

Art & Collectibles

Distinkt's technology enhances the overall collectible experience by enabling 

interactive features and real-time authentication, fostering deeper connections between creators, collectors, and their artworks. Utilizing our phygital features, we help collectors gain confidence in the origin, authenticity and value of their acquisitions by tracking products lifelong journey on the 


Product 2


Distinkt_COLOR refers to microscopic particles that undergo a color change when irradiated with near infrared light. The effect produced is observable by naked eye.The time of the transition to the initial state can be personalized, ensuring high level of security.

Colors: Black, Green, Magenta

Color transition: Black to white, Green to yellow, Magenta to pink

Type of ink: Water base.

Printing method: Screen printing

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