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 Inspiring Trust, 
Verifying Authenticity

 Product authentication with Smart Nanotech.
Enhances security for goods in both physical and digital worlds.


The ink undergoes a transformative process triggered by specific light stimuli, resulting in a luminescent, interactive and distinctive element.

 Dynamic & Unique

The flexibility to print different patterns and colors with a wide range of printing techniques, from screen printing, offset printing and inkjet, ensuring full versatility.


By encrypting QR and UPC codes with our dynamic ink, we create a secure bridge betweenthe physical and digital world.


Creating eco- friendly solutions with organic, carbon based, luminescent materials.


Why it's revolutionary

How it works

"Revolutionary ink technology not only transforms the way we perceive printed materials but also revolutionizes security measures, ensuring unparalleled authenticity and peace of mind."

Minimizing counterfeiting

Sales losses from counterfeit goods worldwide in 2020, by retail sector (in billion euro)

Counterfeiting poses a significant challenge across industries, leading to revenue loss, compromised brand reputation, and consumer safety concerns.

By labelling physical products with unique digital identifiers and embedding dynamic ink features, Distinkt enables real- time authentication and traceability throughout the supply chain. This not only safeguards brands against counterfeit products but also empowers consumers to verify product authenticity easily. With Distinkt, businesses can enhance brand trust, protect intellectual property rights, and foster a secure marketplace environment.

Luxury goods

Wine & Beverage

Art & Collectibles

Use Cases

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